Earn Money From Home

Earn Money From Home Through Typing Or Data Entry Jobs

Typing or Data Entry jobs are among the easiest ways to start earning money from home. Stay home moms, dads or even college students can earn extra income just by using their typing skills. Depending on the amount of hard work you put into every job, you can earn approximately $300-$500 per week. Not a bad amount if you consider how much you spend on monthly fees for broadband connection and electricity that you only use sparingly on income-generating activities. Why not convert the time you normally spend in front of the computer into productive pursuits instead?

Another wonderful thing about working as a typist or data encoder at home is that there are no stringent qualifications and very little requirements needed for the job.

All you need are:

-          Basic typing skills and computer know-how

-          Ability to spell words correctly

-          Diligence in following instructions and meeting deadlines

-          Reliable internet connection

-          Active email account

Although typing or data entry tasks are not a get-rich-quick type of business, the requirements mentioned above will help in increasing your marketability so you can eventually earn substantial income especially from online outsourcing portals with huge employer or buyer base like Odesk, Elance or Freelancer.

It is easy to start to earn money from home if you have the basic requirements. You have to bear in mind though that there are different typing jobs available and those that pay well depend on the type of service that you can offer.

Typing/Data Entry Work That Entails Basic Knowledge:

  • Article Typist – Writers or journalists can earn more through creation of fresh web content, writing short articles, rewriting news, posting on forums or blog sites.
  • Marketing Typist – Main job involves typing ads and promotional content for companies and some offer competent pay rates for visiting and posting on their sites as well.

Typing/Data Entry Work That Involves Advanced Knowledge:

  • Outsource Data Operator – Involves data entry through usage of Excel spreadsheet, word processing, newsletters and restructuring of company details.
  • General Audio Transcriber – This type of work involves listening to audio files such as mp3 and then transcribing the audio to text format. Materials usually cover speeches, presentations, medical data or legal proceedings.
  • Web Research Assistant and Data Collection – Includes in-depth research and data collection that will later on be encoded into spreadsheets or word documents.
  • Data Auditor – For certified field evaluators or auditors, work involves auditing various companies and typing documented results.

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