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Earn Money Online From Home – Fast And Easy

Extra money is always a welcome treat nowadays especially where a bad economy is forcing one to have two or more jobs at the same time. If you are in-between jobs or working on one with reduced hours, you know the feeling of not having enough cash to tide you over. However, every cloud does have a silver lining and despite the bad economy, new job opportunities are on the rise with the introduction of good-paying online jobs you can do from home.

These job opportunities help stay home dads or moms and even college students earn extra income, while some have even chosen to leave their regular jobs to make online employment their main profession. Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss and at the same time have flexible work hours or the option to choose the type of work to be done? There are many jobs currently available in the internet and you can choose from either passive or active job types. Pay rates depend on the skill level and expertise you have in a particular job field.

Passive Type of Online Jobs

This type of job involves minimal interaction between you and the clients of the business you work with and requires very little time to setup. Passive online jobs usually involve:

  • Placing Banner Ads On Your Website. Companies are paying people to advertise their products by asking them to put banners or advertisements on other people’s websites. These ads can earn you from $.25 to $1.00 per click and are free and very easy to install on your site.
  • Affiliate marketing. This involves linking other people’s sites to your own website. Any sale generated from the affiliate links placed on your website instantly earns you commission. Commission rates can range from $10-$75, while some affiliate programs offer a fixed or standard rate. Some affiliate companies also give out bonuses or incentives whenever you achieve the sales target for a given period.
  • Drop Shipping. The job entails selling products for a third party. One need not worry about inventory keeping, shipping details or delivery arrangements as the distributor takes care of all these for you. Commissions are based on product price, so if you are selling an antique worth $1000 and the distributor agrees to give you a 20% share, you could be earning $200 from a single product alone.
  • Head Hunting/Referrals. Many companies today outsource their non-core functions in order to save on high operation costs. Among tasks outsourced is looking for people to hire. You can help your friends and other people find jobs by matching them with available positions from prospective employers and get paid in return.
  • Micro-Stocking Pictures. If you are an avid photographer or a budding graphic artist, you can upload your pictures or images and sell them for a fee over the internet. Sites such as Fotolia, BigStockPhoto and ShutterStock offer their members a certain percentage as payment for every download by visitors or users. Specialty pictures commands higher fees or commissions.

Active Type of Online Jobs

Active online jobs require a different set of skills and involve more interaction with customers and end users; however, they generally pay more than the passive type of online jobs.  In some instances, active online jobs offer freebies and benefits that you can avail of. Here are a few examples of active online jobs:

  • Doing Product Reviews/ Answering Surveys/Product Testing. Companies hire people to do product reviews, write product descriptions, answer surveys or conduct anonymous calls to verify or ask for feedback from existing clients.
  • Data Entry/ Data Encoding. This type of job entails basic data entry or more complex tasks such as entering formulas into spreadsheets. One needs basic skills such as typing and a good orientation for details. For the advanced data encoder, an employer seeks a knowledgeable person who is proficient in Office, Excel or Google Docs.
  • Virtual Assistant. If you are a well organized and detail-oriented person, working as a virtual assistant is a perfect job for you. The position may require pat-time or full-time involvement depending on an employer’s needs. Tasks typically involve basic administrative processes like answering emails, making appointments, and setting up a daily schedule reminder.
  • Blogging. If you love to be the star then blogging might just earn you star status and a little bit of income along the way. If you are considered as an expert in a particular field or niche, you can start your own blog and earn considerable cash from blogging. People will always look for the “gurus or expert figures” and they will value opinions or advices very much that they are willing to donate, consult for a fee or even click banner ads.
  • Getting Paid to Surf or Playing Games. Companies pay people to surf their site or even tryout their online games. This may seem too good to be true but companies do so in order to find out if links embedded in their sites actually work or if there are any glitches in their site set-up. Gamers’ opinions or reviews of their product also help in improving their software.  One might think that these companies are wasting money, but the truth is, they are actually saving large sums because defective software can cause them more damage or get them into legal issues.
  • Buy and Sell. Buying and selling is the easiest and fastest way to earn money online. Not only do you get to try out the stuffs first; you can also get dispose of your clutter or unwanted items and sell them online. You can also look at your friends’ stuff and sell the things that they no longer need. Old furniture can received a little makeover, and you can resell these for a decent price. Refurbished furniture, especially ones in that are still in mint condition can fetch a handsome price in the market.

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