Earn Money From Home

Money Making Ideas – Paid Survey, Mystery Shopper And Other Online Jobs

Now that you have decided to become a full time mom or dad, do you think that you can no longer contribute to your home’s financial welfare? Wrong. You can still earn money for your family while staying home. Extra income is always a welcome opportunity for every household because it supplements the family’s earnings. All you need is access to the internet and a personal computer or laptop.

There are many fun and exciting ways to earn money from home depending on your skills and talents as well as likes and dislikes. Taking a self-assessment can help you decide which type of job will suit you best.  This way, you can earn some income and have fun doing it.

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are among the most profitable money making jobs that’s not only easy but also flexible as you can do them during your free hours. There are two ways of getting surveys sent to you – paying for it or signing up for free. Paying for paid survey sites gives you not just legitimate surveys, but also tons of surveys to choose and pick from. Of course, not everyone will be willing to pay in order to get their hands on these surveys – there have been cases where surveys can be scams or the links to the surveys no longer exist. It is therefore imperative to check whether the site offers a money back guarantee back or a trial period. This will help you decide whether to pay or move on to the next site.

There are however, sites that do offer free sign up or membership. To have surveys sent your way, it is important to keep your details up to date as your personal information consists of what screeners will look into when choosing survey recipients.  Screeners are a series of questions put up by the surveyor to know if a person is eligible to take the survey.  Updating your profile will also gain you access to relevant surveys as well as topics that you are interested in.  Don’t forget to reply or verify the confirmation sent to your email as this will activate your account with the survey company.

Mystery Shopper/Shadow Shopper

Have you ever felt like the Invisible Man when you entered a shop? Now, not only can you get into this experience; you will also be paid to shop. Mystery Shopping or Shadow shopping is one way businesses determine how their employees behave when approached by a shopper. A mystery shopper is employed to do some shopping and observe how employees handle their customers. He or she then reports the experience to his client. Mystery shopping can be done physically by actually visiting a store or through phone or online inquiries and transactions. A mystery shopper usually earns $15-$80 per assignment or gets gift certificates, coupons or vouchers and even free goods. The time is also flexible as one can choose the assignments and do it during their free time.

Many mystery-shopping sites offer free training for people who want to become a certified mystery shopper. You can choose from doing online training or watching videos to understand the job details. Companies consider the data collected from the experience important and usually gives the mystery shopper the purchased goods as payment or token.

Online Jobs

Other online jobs that are easy and fast and can be done from home include article writing or copy editing, typing or data entry, virtual assistance and product or beta testing.  A lot of people also earn money from home as a video/ voice talent or getting paid to try out beta games, answer forum questions, do blog commenting and even book keeping.

To learn more about  other online jobs in detail, browse around our site and read through the various articles we have regarding opportunities to earn money from home. We also feature postings on how to get started on these online jobs as well as other home-based business opportunities to help you earn money from home – legitimate, fast and easy.